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Learned words like dope, hard, real, and some mo'. Heard from cats like Malcom, Martin, eras of passion, pain, and coke. Hip Hop taught me too never give up, hold your head steady. It taught me too push harder for dreams, freedom, and a right to express. Pass it, puff it, don't choke. It showed me how to be free, respect myself, and show the younger generations, wisdom, and hope. At 28, living in the 22nd century, i found strong, talent and expression. White boys coming up with rhymes without aggression,Minorities showing progression, In a reccesion a black president, and an era shouting "End the depression.



Music is something that most everyone can relate to, but it is something that touches each of us differently. It's great that you can write about how hip hop has affected your life in a positive way, blending the art of music with the art of poetry.

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