Listening Ear




Can I hear one?


A real one for just once.


A poem about our children,


and why they need healing from their parents decisions.


A poem about why life has to cut you and dealing with inevitable incisions.


A guide for a better life without ever touching prison.


A poem that keeps the innocence alive of those missing.


A poem that explains why the face of blackness, is hard to interact with,


so they rather kill them.


A poem about the emancipation,


of a poverty stricken generation, and the instillation of wisdom.


A poem about opening up during the lusting phase without "playing victim". 


A poem that explains how trusting these days,


is similar to befriending a snake filled with venom.


A poem about survival tactics, feasting upon distractions,


and releasing habitual habits.


A poem that reaches the ears in the sky.


A poem that hears children when they cry.


A poem explaining how I gave them my all and in return I didn't receive none.


A poem that insights when one life has transitioned, a new life has just begun.


A poem that gives me life, 


I just want to hear one.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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