Listen Up Universe

This is a message to the world

To each and every boy and girl

No matter your age there’s nothing to fear

Young or old, you have to be bold


I ain’t saying its fine to play mind games

Ones that give the world creepy bloodstains

All I sayin is that you can stand up with words

To make something great outta this round turd


People tell me I’m too pessimistic

While trying to be a kind of optimistic

I dunno its more realistic

If every bod is opportunistic


There was once a water filled glass

“What to do?” the people asked

Argue about the terms of containers

Or ask questions of even greater value?


“How’d the water get here?”

“Can we get some from over there?”

“Is there enough for everyone to share?”



Lose-win, Win-lose, lose-lose, win-win

Scenarios where answers come from within

But only in a win-win do all the people win win


Do ya’ll get what I’m saying tho?

Do ya’ll feel me? Do ya’ll feel me yo?

If we ever wanna have them safe streets

We’re gonna have to think about the people that we treat.


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