Sun, 06/15/2014 - 14:29 -- Kemare
If I'm talking irrational 
Then just listen
The words that I have to express
Are loss within my inner most thoughts
Making it complicated to say what I feel so listen
I will never be perfect but I will aim to be
Perfection seems like such a deep reverie
Sleep deprived, dreams stolen from me
Test scores and  grades are taught that they define me 
Teachers say they care
Yet their overwhelmed themselves
Who will listen when we all need help?
Parents who are hardly home when I need advice
Working day and night
In order to make sure I receive the finer things in life
"Darling" my mother once said "hold your head up high-listen and you'll find the light".
So I continue to fight even though I don't know what for
I continue to fight to give hope to others
I continue to fight because my character is what define me
I continue to fight because I did what others didn't or couldn't 
I listened to the voice that lived within me.


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