Standing at attention

in front of their white background

to yell and scream

with hopes that you will reach me

That you will reach the depths of my mind

in time.

In time, I only have to survive this class for 90 minutes

When i walk out the door you feel a victory

but I feel a loss.

A loss of my time fore i have learned nothing

there on the board I think that's something

but to learn I need more

than sergeants yelling and wardens threatening.

This isn't the army

This isn't a prison

For young minds to thrive

There needs to be revision

of the policies now in places

that these teachers throw in my face

It's not working, can't you see!

Stop talking to the board

and start teaching to me.

Im an empty vessel waiting to be filled

With all that you know, come on pour it in

let me wield the knowledge to let my life begin.

I know the journey's long

and some won't make it

some may not dare to take it

but I implore to you


Focus on me, focus on us

it is in your hands we place our futures with trust!

Lift us u phigher, and higer still

Tak us up until our minds scream and shrill

From your board you hear silence

but shh, stop, and listen closely

through the silence that is almost ghostly

a young mind calls out:

Help. Me!

Help. Me!

Show me all that I can be.


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