Liquor Induced Thoughts Ft: Anubis, Black Gezus, Quantum Halo, Clipse

Pour up a glass this something that I don't try a lot, That liquor that makes me lick her.. saluting the private spot, That grey goose gets meh loose got me feeling like that that impatient nigga when he's in line, Feels like I'm skating... inline, Got me stupid though bent, I'm on that Cupid flow you been mine, Hennessy when it's head time, And red wine when it's bed time, That bottle pop whats that? Crystal let's see what's cracking, It's shot after shot like I didn't believe in passing, If the drink spill no biggie like like Chris Wallace, it ain't shit honest, My friend saying "just sip got it", I was in a trance... hypnotic, All this liquor pray for me i need a reverend, You looking at a person with more bars than taverns, Shit make niggas throw up behind trucks, Slow it down! Time to get your mind fucked, That alcohol will fill her right, I take her out meal her light, When you see red you won't whine again, It's shots you hear you better get behind a kin, Now that you know that they'll let that snub fire, now it's up to your friend lets see if your bud's wiser.

(Black Gezus)
Pour up of a glass of that shit but im not a drinker, Niggas come and go light a taillight blinker, But i am a thinker or dreamer , You tell by the end of my greatness you'll see the things that I'm going, Hardships and good times , I didn't come up on this scene just to give you some good lines , I came to claim whats mine, Just like Chief keef said He Hate Being Sober , but I'm not a drinker or a smoker or You wouldn't know unless I told ya, Am i a thinker or a dreamer? A thinker most of the time cause what I'm of dreaming of is already mine, Now you see I don't need no bitches no cars no money no stars no 22's wit switches and bars, Ima just do me lemme show you what I see , A young nigga tryna make it , Won't and fake it make it till I stake it, Stake it in the ground so no one will ever take it, I'm thinking of some crazy shit , brain storming is what i do , How to make my next move just to show you whats true, Ha Ha no 2 chains but stay true to yourself, And if made it you then you can make it and stop excluding yourself, THINKing while drinking.

(Quantum Halo)
What I'm drinking on? 223's and 556 drum mags no extended clips fancy old school mobster with new tricks getting ya girl wet, She like the works no tip toeing round here, It ain't my moms house kush blunts on the dresser, Cotton sheets custom made with a faded mind is an understatement, Leading to claims of the simplistic complexity having subliminal messages in your mind I'm drinking on nothing but a mug full a doobies all different papers all different good life savers that might stank out your neighbors.

With these depressing times,I take shots to ease the mind, Shots straight out any bottle I find, Some straight others with a hint of lime, I drink to ease the demands that lerk within my thoughts, These shots may even open the gates
Releasing my anger to those I held caught, I go threw bottles as my vision blurs
I can still see myself in the mirror, a reflection I am not proud to witness.
A reflection of memories that alcohol cant even erase, I drink to the point I fall in love with the feeling of becoming numb and lifeless, You wouldn't understand all the obstacles in life that I had to face, Some may feel my pain but all lift their glass and take that shot to let it all fade away.

(Shaun Po)
A bar full of sinners sinning a sinful sin, Expressing there stories from the bottom of empty glasses that show life's emptiness,The alcohol brings truth from the deepest thought whether its raw fiction or story pitching due to the pass lives lived while living to find the answers that rooted dark endeavors to any cleaver takers of I'll do anything for it, We just drinking that radical before the bladder opens for streams of mind written true only said in this blurry state of mind, The mere taste will erase your conscious's consciousness believing you to be whoever whether you be a gun toting fool finger smash triggers and pussy or swimming in pools of that Kendrick peer pressure realizing the deep depressions that the bottle's aroma can expose, Were drinking away life's pain expressed by creative gain while not caring about the bottles name, so What you drinking? And what does it fix? Let the alcohol taste a life induced mind like us drunken 5.



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