Liquid Stitches

Trying to hold their stance,

The crowd sways like intense ocean waves,

There are sharks in the water,

These people search the crowd for innocent suspects,

Everyone swims away like frightened fish,

The sharks get closer smelling warm blood,

Sea creatures are warned on every block,

Doors, windows, houses lock up with a bang,

Slams  and shakes become a voluminous chorus,

More people run frantic through the woven streets,

Disconnecting the knot that bonded their fabric together,

The predators are set to kill,

Sharks are ready to take the bite,

Chosen ones are dragged out and beaten,

Hands are bolted behind heads,

Get out they scream!

Before they get you too!

The mass of people has now fallen,

Red streaks of violence,

Black lights of pain,

Heated rains of hatred,

Everyone carefully placed but misguided,

There is no peace,

And the fabric has unraveled,



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