Liquid Education

The education system we were brought up in

Taught us how to measure precentages and proofs

We applied that not on our SAT tests

But standing in the local CVS aisles

Trying to determine which alcohol to use

A liquid education

Mixing drinks

Instead of chemical equations

Our parents don't have a clue

What we do outside our four walls

Taking shots in the basement

And late night phone calls

Hitting up the so called dealers

For another dose of Adderall

It's no longer wanted

It became a need

We need to pass our finals

Need to turn our papaers in

We're a walking paradox

Acing our tests and an hour later

Blacked out in some hotel's elevator 

We're drinking our feelings

And slurring our speech 

But who cares as long as we're rich

Money and Alcohol they go hand in hand

People question our choices

They say our generation is so hard to understand

We'd rather get high somehwere above our 3rd state of mind

Than feel all of this pressure

That's creeping up on us from behind

By our parents..

There are no other exceptions

We're their little angels

They don't want anything less than perfection

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