Lipstick Heart

Watch those eyes,
they'll pierce holes in your soul.

Watch that smile,
It'll cut your heart in half.

Be weary of that walk,
It'll stop the oxygen in your lungs.

Be mindful of those words,
they'll burst your eardrums with their lies.

A warning to all,

What you see is a facade,
She is no daydream,
She is a nightmare in disguise.

Once under her spell,
There is no turning back,
She is going to get you,
and you will give into her.

And once she has your heart, 
She will lock it tightly in a jar,
Place in neatly on a shelf,
Next to the others,
Label it with a ruby red kiss,
Smile as she admires her work, her prize.
Shut off the light, 
and walk away...

A warning to all.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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