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United States
33° 50' 37.2372" N, 111° 31' 22.7352" W

This is the story of a divided nation.
In a time when industrial revolution, bondage and hierarchy was the norm.
1862 the war begun
1863 the war renew
1869 the slaves set free
1864 no war no more
1861 no rebels alive
At the end of the war, you have 620,000 dead.
Blood remained physically, mentally, around the U.S spread.
It began with a people oppressed from this developing nation
Products of the Trans-Atlantic Slave operation
No learning to read, no learning to write, they were considered dumb, and could put up no fight.
Not allowed to marry, carry guns, or congregate of a person they could give no political insight
They were nothing but property, they did nothing but work
Picking cotton all day, under their masters watch
These slaves constituted a peculiar and powerful interest.
Worth 1.5 billion a southern economy privilege
All knew that this interest was somehow the cause of the war.
South Carolina was the first to succeed and endure.
By 1861 there were 10 more
Mississippi, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee
This is a Civil War Nation
19th Century divided generation
They had to fight to end slavery
Putting at risk their own liberties
Davis wanted to meet with Lincoln’s administration
Lincoln, Stanton and his cabinet knew the only compromise between the North and the South was through military fight.
The South claimed the war was due to states rights.
Both armies were waning and in need of resources
They were forced to enroll black Buffalo Forces
The North and the South weren’t too pleased to enlist
But they knew these soldiers were needed to persist
These Buffalo soldiers faced multiple inequalities
Earning 10 dollars regardless of their rank to the white soldiers 13
This is a Civil War Nation
19th Century divided generation
They had to fight to end slavery
Putting at risk their own liberties
Lincoln, known as the imperial president
A native born Kentucky resident
Lincoln, the union peacemaker
Between the North and the South he was the war Ice Breaker
In 1863, his Emancipation Proclamation was signed
So slaves in the South would no longer reside
2.5 years after Lincoln’s Proclamation set them free
The celebrated their liberty with Juneteenth
You may wonder why, 2.5 years after it was done
They hadn’t yet heard that they had overcome
This is a Civil War Nation

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