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LilyPad, LilyPad

Why must you cower away?

The same question you ask every day.

You do not see what you are doing

You do not see the bruises you leave behind.

Not on my skin,

You see that would be too obvious, no, then you would be unkind.

The bruises on my heart are great, greater than you think.

And the more you push and shove my heart,

The closer I am to the brink.

The edge, the verge, the reason I am crying.

You taunt and tease and don't see that I am dying, inside.

But I am done with you now, I am done trying to be heard.

There is no respect, only a flow of hurtful words.

So I am standing up now, taller than I ever did before.

Towering over you, over the world, so everyone knows.

I am done with you, I am done being pushed around.

I am not your LilyPad no more, I am not your "fat, ugly, whore".

I deserve a fighting chance you see, and I will not stop until I get it.

So this is goodbye my dearest conscience, LilyPad is dead,

And the new and improved girl inside me will get

Everything she wants, every little shred.


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