Lil' Red

Fri, 04/12/2013 - 17:31 -- jduffel


United States
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A million times I’ve told you before

Not to travel alone at dark

It’s impossible to even the score

For there’s a beast within the park

It’s eating the livestock

It’s eating your kin

The devils unleashed

He’s proud of his sin

The elder is sick her house is yours

The village is scared they’ve locked their doors

Take this bag and a hood of red

But beware the beast is far ahead

It’ll trick and deceive you

It plays with its meal

If you’re smart you’d be wary

For the monster is real

The river is deep

The wood is through

Visit the elder

To start anew

She’ll tell you the secret, the beast’s demise

The way to end the peoples cries

There’s no way to trick the devilish hound

When you get to the wood line run faster than sound

The wood line at dawn such a peaceful sight

Surprising that it could hold such a blight

But the elder is ill you cannot scare

To live you must avoid its glare

Halfway there you lose your breath

You stop and realize it smells like death

The monster was here it left its mark

But you shouldn’t linger its almost dark

Her house is right around the bend

The teaching will bring the beast to its end

The house in sight

Redemption in reach

The village is broken

A lesson to teach

You kicked in the door

You busted the gate

The monster is here

You assumed your fate

Playing along with the hellhounds game

You start to tear and except the blame

The elder eaten the beast in power

You compliment it as you start to cower

Gaze unbroken body shaking

You feel as if the earth is quaking

A blur of gray a glimpse of white

Brought you to the elders height

The belly of the beast you think to yourself

You pray to god and ask for help

Just then a sounding BOOM!

Was let across throughout the room

With a sound of thunder and a sickening crack

He knocked the beast upon its back

A large man tall in stature

Brought about the damned things rapture

With fists of iron, an axe of steel

Courageous he did start to feel

Cat-like speed and great desire

Brought upon each other’s ire

The battle was epic, long, and fierce

Yet the wolfs stomach he did pierce

You fell out the elder behind

“Praise to god”, you had in mind

Up comes the sun

You utter a cheer

The beast is dead

No more hunger or fear

You kiss the man

You hug him tight

He is now

your shining light

Wedding bells are in the air

Bows tied tight within your hair

Long white gown stretches for miles

You hear his boots upon the tiles

With one white dove upon the rafter

You both live happily ever after.


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