Tue, 05/24/2016 - 00:13 -- Aegis

One... Two... Three... Four....
A rumble..... Then a silence...
The rain didn't count as a sound in this storm too
It's falling drops were gentle, against this sky made without blue
And though raindrops seem to fall more so than Lightning seems to come
It's not called a "raindrop" storm when it contains thunder's -
One... Two... Three....
The rumble.... A clap.....
Why is the rumble thunder, while the clap belongs to light?
It's not fair to be put under that which darkness cannot fight.
Could sound be fought with its match, as light does conquer his?
Or is sound result of silence, the tickle of soda's fi-
One... Two.....
I jumped that time, I'll admit, It was closer than it seemed
The light seems always distant, yet by sound is not thus deemed
How do they play with one another, different waves of different kinds?
Oh how life's greatest secrets, elude our greatest-
I felt the earth beneath me shake, the thunder here is strong...
Maybe coming to watch the storm, redefined the word for wrong.
Yet light's attractive when it's there, a bolt of it can't hurt
It's funny how that "-ning" is the thing that makes it -
One... .... ..Two....
The bliss that comes from distance, the bliss that comes 'fore sun
Why I was just beginning to worry, good thing I stayed and am not done!
Oh the fools that say to run, oh the fools that won't come nigh
Just because there's danger doesn't guarantee I'll-


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