Lighting the Darkness


United States
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Black, Darkness,Ugly words that I heard from the movies I watched about slavery, This is all I am this is all I will be just another ugly dumb black girl with nappy hair. I am just my body, no one wants me,i am not a wife, I am mistress, a second,never first priority. Yeah that's me a black girl with low-self esteem, she cannot be pretty or get a good man she is worth nothing more than sex and late night phone conversations...No I am not, I am worth more than that, the color of my skin is a powerful color called black, I am not oppressed by my past, I am enlighted by the sounds of African American laughs I am more than a product of my enviroment, I am stronger than I look, I am not dumb I can read  five ten one hundred books, you do not hinder me, for my past is through, it is an figmant off my imagination,just like you. I am more than a color I am a human, I have dreams and goals, I will be the one to let the story unfold. For it is my job to bring lighting to the darkness in every young girl who feel she is less. Less than perfect, or less than great, for every young girl who cries her eyes out pass 8, I am her and she is me but I promise I will light the torch so the darkness is nothing to fear.


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