The Light Within Herself

it's the world that convinced her she was not worthy of being comfortable in her own body because of the images the media has perceived among young women,

the thought they are not good enough for anyone.

it's the world that convinced her she was not as beautiful as she seemed to think of herself, as she started to pick at the "flaws" she saw embedded in her skin.

but the one thing the world has so wrong is that she is more than that.

she's more than the "standards" that are set for us in society starting at a young age.

it's the world that's sparked a fire within herself to prove everyone wrong;

that she would become everything and anything the world told her she was not.

although her skin is not as thin as it used to be,

she stills has some work to do when it comes to the comparison between her and another.


let the world be your canvas.

and your worst fears, greatest accomplishments, deepest regrets, and darkest secrets spill on that canvas, marking every edge of it.

let it create such a masterpiece of yourself that when you walk, you walk with a fire. a fire so deep and so bright that nothing stands in your way.

let your light shine so bright it's blinding to the ones who fail to see the greatness in you,

but lights up the ones who see the very best.

make every step you take a visible mark on the people who surround you,

make every street you walk down your canvas,

covering the walls with the art of your personality.

make everyone you meet a victim of your contagious love and positivity, 

and as cheesy and gross it sounds,

leave this world knowing that you felt as if you made this world a little better,

no matter how insignificant you think that change might've been.

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