Light at the End of the Tunnel

Strong as a rock. Fierce as a flame.

If I need your help, I call your name.

For many years I felt alone.

My house never really felt like home.

I reached out my hand, stretching in the dark.

Waiting and praying for you to re-enter my heart.

In that long dark tunnel, I scream out your name.

But still for so long the answer was the same.

And then one day all of that changed.

I wanted to make you proud and still do to this day.

Your smile so bright, I love how it shines.

Your can be funny, just not all the time.

You always talk about when I was little, unfortunately that makes me kind of bitter.It’s not because of anything you say, its just that my loss eclipses those days.

I know you were young when you made the mistake,

But that’s really all it would take.

That little mistake lead a chain of events that ultimately came to one end.

You were ripped from my grasp before I could even try to fight back.

On that day you lost a piece of your heart, was the day my heartbreak starts.

Walking through the tunnel, praying for the end,

But I just want the return of my friend.

I know you want to help everyone, but start with those who have been since stage one.

I’m not your brother, sister, mom, or son.

I’m your daughter; your only one.

Daddy I love you, I can't say it enough. Because of the past, our relationship is tough.

Whenever I feel that something is wrong, I sing our song and it makes me strong. “I can open your eyes. Take you wonder by wonder. Over sideways and under on a magic carpet ride, a whole new world.”

I want you to know I forgive you for the past, but now you must walk the right path.

I’m still walking that tunnel, but now I see you in the light.

This time I run, with all my might.

Now is the time; you know it’s true,

“Let me share this whole new world with you.”

The past is gone, we are a free, now we have, “A thrilling chase, a wondrous place for you and me.”



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