Life's refrain

Thu, 08/12/2021 - 17:08 -- mrapook

Death knows no body
death knows no name,
it shows no preference
to whom it will claim.

It consumes the good
and frees the ill,
it knows no difference
of those it will fill.

Death knows no recluse
nor those of fame,
when it comes to visit
we always try to blame
on some other means...
questioning god’s psychology game,
or through life’s unfairness
our own vanity came;

to believe life immortal; so we have purpose.
Mortality; our humane bane —
this frustrating struggle for it to make sense
we never quite seem to tame.

Death knows no happiness,
death only knows pain
for those still living
and mourn without shame
of ever expressing their love
in time to retain
fond memories and love.
Death; life’s refrain.

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