Life's Race

Every day I awake, it occurs to me,

This is not just any trip, it’s a journey.

 One can only take it a day at a time,

The main goals are to maintain, and earn a dime.

When a mistake is made, there's no need to pout;

Only move on, and realize that every second counts.

You can't avoid the daily hate,

Only turn your back to it at a quick rate.

 There are so many things that you can do,

Things that you'll wish to forget things to remember too.

You hope that every day will be filled with smiles,

However you can't avoid the necessary trials.

Of course you can't make it alone;

After all, who wants to live sad and alone?

So I pray to God, "Help me keep a good pace;

Give me the strength and courage to run life's race".


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