Life's Lessons

We’re the cause of our own problems, we control our own fate
We should learn that life’s a lesson, before it’s way too late
I learned that nothing is completed, without determination
We’ll only help our neighbors, as long as there’s compensation
We’re the solution to our problems, the path to our own greatness
We talk about diplomacy, yet, our conversations are graceless
We learn that nothing is admirable without competition
We may not always win but, still, respect the opposition
We can’t always be reliant, we’re our own inspiration
There’s an abundance of different ways we can achieve our aspiration
Keep your head held high, positivity is the message
Don’t let your faith waiver; don’t let your pride lessen
When the world is cold, know self-sufficiency makes you warmer
Don’t let the world change you, don’t personify Transformers
Be true to yourself, the world will judge regardless
Lend compassion to others, even when they’ve been heartless
17 years young, yet I know what life’s about
I just want to be successful, God will present what’s the best route
Family is everything, they devolve all my stresses
When I need some advice, I look to them for some lessons

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