Life Worth Living

Fri, 11/09/2018 - 10:48 -- Mal1100

I first met him in a painful body
I didn't have a plan for us
I didn't have an idea for us
I didn't know where we would go.

All I knew was that in that moment
He needed someone to tell him
That life was worth living.

He said he was disgusting
I told him he was not
He said that everyone hated him
I told him I did not.

He was a mirror and a window
Showing me how the world felt
When it wasn't lived by me.
Not in his words, but in his proximity

He called me out on my silence
And through his life of hardship
He taught me not to tolerate bullshit.

I know now how much a single voice
Determines an entire life
For better or for worse.

I helped him find his body
I still don't have a plan for us
But I do have an idea for us
Because he helped me find my mind

All I know is that in this moment
Now I'm here to tell you
That life is worth living.


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