A Life Unknown To Many

They see me

As  I am

Beauty and perfection.

  Yet not at all

As everyone is blind

Of whom I truly am,

    It is what is inside

That makes me who I am

    Life was perfect

 Till a bump in the road

Caused me to lose control

     This disease I have

Alters my life

Ever so often

 And nobody really knows.

  I deal with it from day to day

Yet I fight

As if nothing is array

    My life has been altered

Yet I still do not let this disease

Change who I will be

 I am afraid they will laugh

 At such a touchy subject

I am already embarrassed

That teachers must know

But if others knew

I feel as though I could not show my face

That they would laugh

Even though this disease

Is in all seriousness

 It is internal

Which is why people are blind to see

That my life is different now

As I live

With Ulcerative Colitis





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