Life is so Bittersweet

A porcelain doll stands in the window
skin so pale, so frail, and so flawless.
Those who pass by, are struck by her beauty
She is PERFECT in their eyes,
What they don’t know is that she’s not.
Underneath her frail and pale skin
lies the truth of her existence.
What was once scars from her life, have brought life
to the drawings on her arms.

The sketched on smile that everyone sees holds no emotions.
She has lost her hope in society but most of all she has lost hope in her.
What was once so warm is now dark and cold.
Hollow inside, no soul, no warmth, no life

they have broken her down
Judged her very existence in this world
lost it all, for all eternity
Cast into solitude

Queen of silent suffocation
carrying the cross she turned into a curse
lost in the arms of destiny.
Giving up on the ghost of love
Can you break this bittersweet spell?
Oh how I wanted you, I needed you.



One of the most haunting lines in this piece would have to be "queen of silent suffocation." It was both memorizing and daunting all at once. It brings about the scary images and powerful imagery. Thank you so much for sending this in!



Thank you,

I guess I wanted to write a poem in order to vent all the things that was going on in my life.


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