A Life Slam

I knew a girl, once long ago,
Who had a funny way about her.
She drew you in and led you on and left you hanging.
She was clever and innocent and unsuspecting,
With silver in one eye and a shard in the other.

No one and everyone knew her,
They played with her often,
Cards and boardgames and hopscotch and such,
But you never knew what game she really played.
Would she trip you, deal you wrong, flip the game on its head?
Or would she deal you a Royal Flush and give you all the Monopoly money?
She knew right from wrong but
Did she know wrong from right?

This girl was a simple mystery,
A devil dealing in irony and cruel jokes,
A beauty who held secrets and charm and wisdom
Gently, like flower petals in her hand.
We feared her and loved her and wished to know her,
Despite her cruelty,
Despite her faults and lies and deceit.
Through thick and thin, only to her did we hold strong and true.

She still comes and goes like the wind in your hair,
She burns like cinnamon candy and soothes like a mother's touch.
One day she will leave me,
When we are both grown and ready and willing.
She will be a reminder
Of pain and bliss,
Of Joy and heartbreak,
Of what was, is, and always will be.

I know a girl, she is sitting here beside me,
With a peculiar way about her.
She keeps me guessing and leads me on and shows me things.
She is pleasant and unfair and knowing,
With kindness in her heart and a puzzle for me and for you,
Only if you're willing.
If so, you'll know her and her game,
Just call her name; her name is Life.



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