The Life She Lived


United States
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Little girl six years old
Watching her father walk away
Little girl so sad and alone
Looking for a way to understand

Just a girl who doesn't feel
Trying to go each day with a smile
Just a girl who always see's
She knows the broken world

Teenage girl so undermined and strong
Trying to make a future for herself
Teenage girl already grown up
Wants to know there's more than this in store

No longer a girl she's on her own
Showing them all she could do it
No longer a girl so sure of herself
She won't change for anyone else

A short life full of so many things
Loss and hurt bringing anguish and pain
A short life refusing to give up
Instead filling herself with all Gods beauty

Life isn't always about what you have
Life can be the simple things
Anything that may make you laugh
Its all about how you use your wings

A future of promise can be a light
To remind you why you must carry on
Everyday is worth the fight


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