Life Restored

 To My Dearest Love,

           My home and my safety have been destroyed.

                               The place I once knew is lost

                                To the distant future.

                                It is nothing more than a lingering past.

           My comfort and my peace have been jolted.

                               Truth and lies,

                    fade and merge together.

                                Inseparable but not connected.

My hurt and pain are lingering but

                                it will not make me succumb

                                To its darkness and despair.

                                I will continue to move on

                               Towards my future and my goals.

           Nothing is known for certain

                                As my future

                    Is forever changing.


                                As it becomes my future

                    I choose where it takes me.

            My home and my safety have been restored

                                The place I knew has changed,

                                But is not gone.

                                I am finding my path

                                Towards my destiny.

Forever Yours,

          Aleya Cannon

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