Life Is Pretty Awesome

Awesome. Awe-some. Inspiring of awe.


If you look around this planet we live on, there isn't anthing that DOESN'T inspire awe. If we stop complaining and think of something other than ourselves and our own problems, it doesn't take long for us to notice how many things in life are just....awesome.

Rain. Water falls from the sky and gives life to every living thing on Earth.  This water then returns back to the sky after it has been used, and then falls again! Oh, and did I mention, it FALLS FROM THE SKY! That's awesome.

Dogs. A combination of fur, flesh, and all sorts of other sciencey things.  This creature is a descendant of wolves, and is perfectly naturally equipped to tear my soft pudgy body to shreds. However, it instead licks my face, sleeps on my bed, and occasionally rides on a tiny surfboard. Thats really awesome.

Rainbow Sherbert. We as humans have taken natural fruits, liquified them, and somehow turned them into a delicious, refreshing frozen summer treat. I don't have the slightest clue how that works, but it really is pretty awesome.

Waking up. Our bodies automatically go into a state of unconciousness and delivers us extrememly vivid hallucinations to pass the time as our bodies recharge. Then, we wake up every single morning with extra energy than we had the night before. My smartphone can't even do that, and it's pretty awesome. Waking up is awesome.

Farts. Our bodies expel poisonous, explosive gas out of our bodies at a speed of ten feet per second. Yes ladies and gentlemen, even farts are pretty awesome.

Life is awesome. The things that happen in our daily lives are so freaking cool, but we take them for granted and fill our minds with negativity and self-centeredness.  If we can just stop, breathe, and notice how awesome every single piece of the puzzle of life is, we would be a much, much happier generation.

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