The Life of a Mistress


A four letter word that once had a world of meaning.


A four letter word that means nothing to this current generation.


A four letter word used to obtain personal desires.

Material things. Sex. Undesired relationships.


A four letter word easily thrown into any apology.

“I’m sorry I hit you baby. But I love you.”

“Don’t leave! I love you.”


What does love mean to you?


Love doesn’t judge by what you look like or what you have. It’s blind to the physical and material.

Love doesn’t discriminate against race or sexual orientation.

Love doesn’t just call when it’s horny, but it checks up on you, daily.

Love doesn’t leave without an explanation. It compromises.

Love doesn’t lie about its location or activities.  

Love doesn’t just call at 4:30am to come over, it wants to be by your side every second of the day.

LOVE exists. Not just in the bed, but everywhere. In front of everyone, without shame.

LOVE prides. On social networks, in person, in public or private.

LOVE beats. Not people, but as two hearts together.

LOVE protects. The body as well as the heart.

LOVE heals. The past, present, and future.

LOVE loves. Forever and unconditionally.


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