The Life of a Lonely Teenager

Sat, 11/15/2014 - 21:57 -- aking97


The alarm goes off

You wake up

You get ready

You go to school

You come home

You go to sleep

And the cycle starts over


But what people don't understand is everything that happens in between



The alarm goes off

And you think to yourself  "another bad day, great"

You get ready

And you tell yourself  "why do I try when no one notices me anyway?"


You go to school

And you see everyone you've ever liked, everyone you've ever dated, everyone you've ever cared about

Most of them don't care about you anymore

The others pretend to care when they obviously don't

You keep trying to tell yourself "maybe today will be a better day.

Maybe today he'll actually acknowledge my existence.

Maybe today she'll realize all the efforts I've put forth."

But the school day goes on and you realize that things aren't going to progress


You come home

You set your stuff down, take a seat, and vision gets hazy

Hazed with tears

Tears because you don't know what to do anymore

Your crush doesn't act the same around you

Your friends act distant

Your teachers don't understand your problems

But really, what is there to cry about?

Just because you're miserable

Because nothing is going right

Because you're alone

Stuck in solitude

An endless cycle of high hopes and constant disappointment

You tell your family that everything is okay

But you can't hide it forever


You go to sleep

Or at least you try to

You lie there, awake for hours because you can't sleep

All the thoughts, all the negativity, all the depression

It sinks in. It pierces you deeply

The only solution? Cry yourself to sleep

That's the only thing you're good at anyway


And the cycle starts over


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