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Mother and Daughter, hand in hand, with love so strong, so dear,
Walk across the meadow with not a single fear.
Their hearts are joined with reverence, deep like the oceans.
Nothing could ever come between them. Hearts bounded by love.
And yet the soul feels absence. Something stirs within Mother’s heart.
Perhaps another child is in our future she says.

Before long, a new one emerges from the womb.
Added happiness perforates the family table.
Daughter has a sister. Mother has two.
And yet, a soul feels absence. The soul of Daughter, perhaps?
Her heart hardens. Love from Mother shrinks. Anger towards the baby heightens.
No more walks in the meadow. Mother’s hand is caressing the baby’s soft skin.

But, time gets the best of us all. It has the last word.
Daughter continues to grow. Mother yearns.
That new face. Those fresh eyes. Her mind is heavily preoccupied.
Daughter? What about her? What I need it a pure bundle of joy. Something to hold.
SHE’S too big. No longer cute. Just big, she says.
Is this love? Is this family? Is this motherhood?

Mother now walks with the tiny gem,
Not giving a care for anyone else.
Daughter observes in anguish and sorrow,
As her mother abandons her in the shadows.
She stares at the baby, with looks of hatred and disgust.
Envy brews, and love is gone. Animosity thrives.

Daughter glares at the baby with jealously. A gaze of death, a poisonous look.
Soon, the baby falls ill, and dies. Mother is grief-stricken. Cries daily.
Daughter feels no remorse, for she has lost her mother, and killed her sister.
Let this be a lesson to you, oh humble reader.
Never gaze with envy, especially at a loved one.
For it is enough to cause their destruction, and ruin you as well.
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Guide that inspired this poem: 


This poem was inspired by a mother's struggle and a daughter's emotions.


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