Life Expectancy

I've been given the life expectancy of 70+ years, but what if the life I have is given 70- years?
Then what will my choices be then?
Can I live it my way?
Or do I have to be the puppet for this world's amusement?
What if I was given half a life ?
What if my clock stops the tick tock and stays frozen?
Will God and Satan play rock, paper, scissors for my soul?
Do I really have to play this same four piece puzzle for the rest of my life or can I purchase the 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle and once I'm done...can I purchase another one?
Do I, as a human have to play slavery to those that place themselves on top of the monarchy or am I given this false hope of freedom we all perceive?
Forgive me for thinking I have the rights to alter my path, forgive me for thinking I can have a brain, forgive me for thinking I can be seen as an equal, forgive me for thinking I can be forgiven, forgive me for thinking. Maybe I'll take you for those 70+ years, maybe I'll take those 70- years. All I know is that I've been stuck in isolation and maybe I do belong here but I don't desire to stay.
So you know what, give me those 70- years and watch me prove that I can live up those years without a stick or stuck.
Watch me create a masterpiece I call my life, watch me make a story that'll last longer than the legends of Hercules and the Gods, watch me compose my own art like I'm Mozart, watch me create my own plays like I'm Shakespeare and execute them like I'm MJ rocking #23 and clutch it like I'm Kobe from #8 to #24 and I'll never drop the ball like I'm holding the whole world in my hands...
..The thing that I've came to understand is that this is God's plan and I have no say or do with trying to rule it myself. Dear God I know I'm not perfect and I never will be, I'm as imperfect as all humans name is Davion and I have taken this path of my own, sinful or not I promise not only you but myself and others that I'll be a better man, I'll be a better person, a better someone then I once was.

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