The Life of Emily Bean

There once was a girl named emily bean,
she liked to laugh and play.
And when she was just a little girl ,
she decided to run away.
Years and years went by,
and no one ever came looking,
and little Emily Bean,
started to miss her mothers cooking.

Now Little emily bean,
didnt even realize she couldnt be seen,
She was in denial,
walking alone,
in endless miles.

So she just kept walking,
down the long long wind-eee road,
until a man appeared,
wearing a white robe.

He looked into the eyes,
of the litte girl emily bean,
and handed her a note,
before he could be seen.

Now young emily bean,
as young as she still was,
Didnt understand,
why the old man was in such a rush.

But emily brushed it off,
and looked up to the sky,
and didnt think to read the note,
until what seemed like years went by.

As time went on
for the little girl emily bean,
walking aimlesly,
unknowingly not being seen,
she remembered back to the note,
that she still needed to read.

She reached into her pocket
& moved some lint around
until she felt the note,
sticking to her palm.

But as she read the words,
printed out onto that note,
she came across a name,
that made her remember the pain.

There in her hands,
a clipping from the Times,
a story about a family,
who house burned down in july.

And there in tiny black font,
a name could clearly be seen,
about how only one girl died,
and her name was Emily Bean.


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