Life Dream

[A distant Father]

If only I can see you every day

My world would have been different

I dream about it every day

Child’s play, To have a real family

A breakaway….. from reality

I daydream of you….

Wondering if you think of me too,

Growing up with you….A million miles away

I can’t imagine being away

From your child

Who has a piece of your heart?

My heart, you left behind

Under the weather you wasn't there to

Make me feel all better

A young mom confused out her mind

She didn’t know any better

Two young kids that don’t know what has happen

Not sure if you both thought of me

To try again, and again…

Knowing I was in the picture

A broken frame

I wish you were the fixer.

As years go on you made a new family

Married with kids

With a new religion,

I miss you

The old you....The only you..... I ever knew…..


This poem is about: 
My family


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