Life of a Cigarette

Let these somber ashes be my epilogue.
This scantily breathing flame, my prologue.
My life’s length running it’s course along this cigarette,
A cancerous concoction laced sorrow and regrets.
Let my scoria soul synthesize with the wafting smoke,
Through the lungs of hell, breath in those cinders to hopefully choke.
Because when these rooms become vacant,
Frames filled with memories that came and went,
I stare into the cherry of smoke and ash
And ponder how it is that everything is gone in a flash.
Sucking up another lungful of slag
Remembering how it was when I use to boast and brag.
For when you were here, however how short, it made me feel at home.
Now a lips caress reminds me just how much it is that I am alone.
Stale sun breaking through the dusty blinds,
Aching spine, broken bottles of multiple kinds.
Somber smoldering ashes be my epilogue.
A scantily breathing flame, my prologue.
My life narrowed down to one skinny cigarette.
What a testament to a life shackled down by chains of regret.

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