Life Changing Does Not Have One Definition

Sun, 04/13/2014 - 15:42 -- dmb96


I need stability
I’ve had an instilled fear ever since my parents struggled to provide for me
I knew they did the best they could
On a constant search
Changing profession
Putting up with crazy bosses
All because I should
Be able to afford school supplies
Rent an instrument to excel in musical studies
Feel comfortable wearing clothes that I like instead of hand-me-downs or whatever is cheapest to buy

I need stability
To reassure myself that I will always have a key
That will unlock a house that holds love and comfort
And not cold and dirt that monetary issues import

I need stability
Which I know I can achieve
I may not have many material objects to offer
But my experiences have given me qualities waiting to prosper
From this lack of security came benefits
Not everything was negative
I take these lessons with me looking for a profession
But this need for reliability still leaves its impression

So where I can find stability that no one can rob......


I need personality
The one thing that makes me, me
I need to express my creativity
The spark in me
The sensitivity in me
The motivation in me
The excitement in me
Leading me from sea to sea
On a search for a job that can best use my activity
I need personality

What is working worth,
If you aren’t working for what you love?
What is the time spent for,
If you aren’t fulfilling your hopes, goals, dreams, and all of the above?

I need a job where I fit in
Like the missing puzzle piece
Like the last block of color on a Rubik’s Cube
I need a job for me
To be happy
Looking forward to work each day
And not feel like I'm wasting my time away

A place where feel so at home and my head will never throb......


That is my dream job



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