The funny thing about life is that I never really took them seriously when they said "Enjoy the time you have while you're young cause it'll be over before you know it". And here I am not knowing which steps to take to make it in the right direction... Desperately wishing I had one just more day as a kid. One last day in high school for one last time, one last day to dance and laugh and cry and be around people who I loved. One last day to realize that this day will never come again, and if it does it will never be the same. Because you don't get to have that last day twice. Once it's the last time, that's really it and no matter how desperately you want to swim against the tide that is pulling you away from just about everything you know, there's no going back and you kind of just have to learn how to swim even if drowning is your biggest, most heart-tearing fear. I had so many days that I wish I could have back. So many days to appreciate the infatuation of being young and free... So many days to not care about anything. But the real world has finally struck and it feels like a tidal wave that wants to do nothing but wreck me as it pulls me under.. So listen to them when they say "Enjoy the time you have when you're young cause it'll be over before you know it" because trust me, they aren't wrong.



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