That Life


United States
33° 11' 32.8164" N, 117° 22' 3.0828" W

feeling alone
no one home
i feel dead, dead, dead to the bone
how do i express my feelings in a poem?

always sad
no one cares
parents mad
countless tears

why am I sobbing?
why are bullies mean?
they are robbing
me of being a teen

want to end it
there is no point
a bottomless pit
help me, because i couldn't

i see a light
at the end of this life
maybe i can make this right
maybe I can put down this knife...

enough agony enough strain
enough torture enough distress
enough trouble thus will not be in vein
only I can fix this

I am done feeling bad
I finished my turn
I am done with this life the good and the bad, the happy and the sad
I just hope in the next life, without me the world wont burn.


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