Lies that I Lie With

Lies that I Lie With

By: Bethany Tisza

It’s like a waterfall in my mouth

Sometimes I shut it off

But when it’s on

It runs for miles and miles

It goes on for so long

Beyond the eyes and aisles.


When it’s the setting sun

The water starts to run

It;s a gulp of hot water from Hell

Sets fire inside my mouth everytime I tell

The words start to fall just like the light

Not a single truth in sight

No questions asked

We shall see how long this one lasts.


Another day comes

The same unfiltered water falls

Each lie is a brick

To build this wall

Is it sick?

To block the truth from those who love you

These falling bricks that distress and hurt


To whom it may concern

The lies that I lied with are no more

The word “sorry” is being a sore

I have slammed that door

The truth is what I speak

It was hard to seek



But once the light came and clouds went away

I became free from the darkness of the lies.

The waterfall is turned off

The lies are no more

The truth is all in store

Loved ones are no longer damaged and sore

I have broken that hard brick wall of untrue words.

In its place an open meadow way

Where words are free like the birds

As it shall stay.

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