lie to me


United States
40° 41' 24.09" N, 73° 49' 16.7556" W

poison, that's what is coming out from between your lips

poison that will break up your friends and your family

poison that will destroy your life 

why must you keep doing this to me?

why, WHY, WHY?

helping you is my only desire, my lifelong wish

yet every time you refuse my help, the poison grows stronger and stronger

and i just don't know what to do

stop this, STOP THIS, STOP THIS!

let me help you, let someone help you

before you fall into the depths of despair

unable to escape, forever lost

and i can do nothing but watch you fall wondering

"why did you have to lie to me?"




This poem is full of so much emotion, and addresses the problem of trusting others, which we all have, because it is difficult to tell whether or not someone is telling the truth.

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