Fri, 06/06/2014 - 02:27 -- Aj_Goz


 I don’t need to say how you make me feel

Its pretty obvious that it’s a bit deal

Its not something I can describe

But you make feel alive


I never wanted to fall in love

I am afraid of it

But something tells me you were worth the wait


I’m running from you now and you don’t understand

I can’t tell you because it will leave my heart unarmed

I love the water but it does not mean I won’t swim to dry land


You deserve better

I’ve been through the weather

I’ve been through the storms

I’m not the secure girl I once was before

I don’t know how to do it

But maybe I can

I think getting you away from me is the best way to do that


You need someone who can love you the way you need to be

Give you the world but I’m insure if that person is me

I express my love by letting you go

It is the only way that I know

Remember everything we shared was real

I can’t cut you a deal

You pushed me to steal

You told me I did it

And as much as I was afraid to, I did

I loved it

It was worth more than any prized possession I have ever owned

I would do it again if I was selfish

But having it in my arms for as long as I did can last me a lifetime

The memory soothes me every time I cry

Your heart belonged to me for a moment in time

I will remember it for the rest of my life


I miss everything about you

Your laugh

Your smile

Even if it was just for a while

Your eyes

Your voice

You don’t believe me but I have no choice

Your kiss

I miss

The way it made me levitate

Forget about fate


Leave now while the process is incomplete

When it isn’t me that you imprint

When you still have a chance to start again

Without the memory of me on your brain


I did love you and I still do

And I leave out of love

God knows in the Heavens above



You tell me its not my decision to make

You are responsible for the actions you take

Loving me is no sin

How do you make me love you more?

The pain of losing you is almost to much to endure


Don’t tell me you love me

I can’t bear to know

I’m a coward who knows her fault

You were the only one ever allowed in this vault

If it is any consolation

In my desolation

I give you the code

My walls are crumbling

Your love is calling

My heart is falling


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