Letting Go


United States

I've has my heart broken

Buried Before

But it always comes back

Rising Corps

I give it up too easily

I'm No Whore

I can't keep caring

Closing Doors


I've been hurt for the last time

I'm Over This

It won't be easy

Final Kiss

If you believed in us


Because that's all you have

I Will Resist


You lied to me

To My Face

Try to understand

I Will Erase

Shame it had to end

Last Embrace

There's better out there

Human Race


I can feel you near me

Heart Pounding

I'm trying to get away

You're Surrounding

I can hear you breathing


You're trying to confine me



No, I'll never go back there

The Past

I've made my choice in life

At Last

Becoming someone important


I don't care what happens to you

Never Asked


Goodbye to my past

Take A Bow

I can hear my future coming

A Lovely Sound

No more heartbreaking

I Won't Allow

My heart is safe from you

Forever Now.



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