Letter to Younger

Letter to Younger
2016, December


You’ll learn.

You are entitled to everything you contribute to this world -- and nothing that you don't.

Do something.

Do something and make it good and beautiful and right and special and infinite.


You’ll learn.

If all you have is subtly, then by all means, do it subtly.

But stand up. Speak up.

In any way you can. Even if you are afraid.

Especially when you are afraid.


You’ll learn.

There is a difference, and a distance, between inner world and the projected self.

Two things to remember about people:

1. The ocean isn't blue - it's reflecting the sky.

2. Treat every gun like it's loaded.


You’ll forgive yourself. It's tough to soar in finals when your radiators sound like the caffeinated ghost of Jacob Marley all night. You’re not perfect. You’re not perfect. You’re real.


You’ll learn.


You are:

How you treat people.

How you treat yourself.

The things that move you,

what you're fighting for,

the good you can do.


You are not:

What other people think about you.

What other people say about you.

What other people do to you.


Don't compare your worst days to someone else's highlight reel.

Don't compare your messy beginnings to someone else's final product.

If you're going to contextualize yourself - do it with perspective.


Take it easy. Be fair. Don't forget the real.


It’s okay.


You’ll learn.

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