Letter From A Soldier

We continue to wage this pointless war, 
We continue to die, but don't know what for. 

In this world; war never seems to change, 
Politicians declare debates, while we hit the firing range, 

Lives of men who brave these insanities, 
Eyes of men who will never again see their families. 

Every day my nostrils grow more numb to the stench of death, 
But I'll continue to fight, to my very last breath. 

I've missed you since the last words we shared before I left the station, 
But I haven't forgotten about the duty I 'owe' to this nation. 

I still have that picture of us at the beach, 
With the ocean in the background, and the sand at our feet. 

The same memories in my head seem to constantly keep repeating, 
The last night we shared, and the memory of our lips first meeting, 

I'm not going to lie, I miss you babe and I'm scared, 
But I know we'll get through this, I'm way past prepared, 

Tell my folks I miss them too, I'll try to write to Mom, 
Send blessings to my sis, and my little brother Tom, 

Cast all your concerns away, and consider your worries dead, 
I'll endure this constant battlefield, so you can calmly rest your head. 


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