A Letter To My Unborn

A Letter To My Unborn”

Dear, Michael Jr. Or Nicki, Taylor, or John?
Dear, Whoever you are
You don’t exist yet
But I can’t wait till we meet,
Boy or Girl? It doesn’t matter
10 toes and 10 fingers Is all I’ll seek
Will you be a Daddy’s Girl
Or will you be a Mama’s Boy
Either way one thing is certain
You’re going to be spoiled
I promise to give you everything I had
I’m not a perfect person
But I’ll be the perfect Dad
Your going to get a lot of presents on Christmas
And even more on your birthday
I’ll spend way too much,
Credit cards maxed out
Checks will bounce, bills will need to be paid
But It will all be worth it,
To see that smile on your face
I’m going to be overprotective so don’t be mad
When I make you to hold my hand
Every time we cross the street
You’ll still be a baby In my eyes
Even when your thirteen
Will you be a Daddy’s Girl
Or will you be a Mama’s Boy?
If you’re a boy
Remember to always treat a lady
The way that I treat your Mom
You’ll never understand Women,
No matter how hard you try
Everything you do will either wrong
Or not good enough In there eyes
Always listen when she’s talking
Always be on the outside while Walking
Whatever you do never call her a “Bitch”
The only “B” word you should call a Woman is “Beautiful”
“Bitches” love being called “Beautiful”
And If you’re a girl
I’m going to be strict, but one day you’ll understand
Why I didn’t let you go to every party
Why I won’t let you where make up
You’ll wine and cry “And tell me how I don’t understand”
And without a care, and a heart full of rage
You’ll tell me you hate me
Not realizing I was once your age
I’ll teach you how
To never accept disrespect
A guy should never give my princess
Any less than his best
And remember
A Guy should never refer you as a “Bitch”
The only “B” word a guy should call you is “Beautiful”
I can’t help but sit and think
About what or who you will be
Will you be everything I’m not
Or will you be just like Me
Will you be a manly man
Or a girly girl
Will you be a mama’s boy
Or a Daddy’s girl
Are you going to be the loud type
Or will you keep to yourself
Your going you get into trouble
Hopefully not a lot
Will you be sneaky like me
Or will you always get caught
I’ll probably make excuses for you
Like your Grandmother did for me
The greatest day in my life
Will be the day I see your face
The doctor will ask would I like to hold you
And from that moment on you’ll always be safe
Years will past by, and the memories will grow
I’ll find happiness in knowing I’m reaping what I sowed
I’m far from perfect but I’ll get better before you get here
Not being perfect in your eyes is my biggest fear
I know that
We will fuss
And I know that
We will fight
There will be days when I lose my temper
And some sleep at night
One day when you’re older
I will read you this letter
And hopefully you’ll understand
How much I love you
My baby girl
Or My young man !

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My family


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