Letter to My Sweet Heart

Dear Heart,
Fading so near
Deaf ears cannot understand the memories you hold dear.
I dread the day you'll roam away-
From me.
Dear Heart,
Made of swiftness and light,
If darkness comes, will you fight?
Do you hear the threats that come to you at night?
Yes dear Heart,
So guarded from life.
Letting fear rule you, and darkness
Stab you with a knife.
Over and over again you let them hurt you
As if you are helpness and nothing you can do.
My dear Heart,
It's time to speak out.
SPEAK UP! Let your voice shout.
Stop letting them rule you.
You are exquisite, unique, beautiful beyobd compare.
When will you end this torment?
Let go of this despair.
Dear Heart,
No one around me can see
How I dread the day
you'll roam away from me.
Deaf ears cannot express,
The memories you hold dear.
So near, yet so far.
It's time to let go,
My Dear Sweet Heart.

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