Letter of My Life From Past to Future

Dear Past Me,

It’s been a while,

Since I was so young and wouldn’t ceist my senseless smile.

I still see you on the wall,

The years and years of memories framing the halls.

I can feel the past when picking through a box of shells,

From the days on the beach where seagulls yell.

I can remember and cherish the love and happiness I felt,

As well as the sadness from when I fell.

I had bad days as well as good,

And sometimes the littlest of things put me in a mood.

But I wouldn’t change the past because you built me to be,

present me.

Dear Self,

It’s hard now and it will be tough but you will get through,

Think how later on you can dazzle people with how you grew.

You will learn and grow and meet so many new friends,

See the coming and going of all the weird trends.

Aim for the top and try; even when you fall,

And don’t forget when your homesick to call.

Mom, Dad, Sister, Brothers, and Friends,

They will walk with you till the very end.

College is tough and was meant to be,

So just wait and see.

The day will come when you will be,

A wonderful woman and future me.

Dear Future,

I can’t wait to see the day,

I take my first step down the way,

And take hold of the paper that marks the future is here.

You are already so near.

I have dreams that I hope to bring to fruit,

To help injured animals live healthy lives too.

Future, be bright with good days to smile,

And rainy days for a challenge worth while.

Tomorrow is coming and a brand new day,

And I will be ready to meet whatever comes this way.

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