A Letter to my Bestfriend



Let's see where do I start, I met you when I was 2 you were 1,

a year apart. Went from speaking baby gibberish to repeating lyrics

of our favorite songs that bring us even closer.

When I cried you were that shoulder,

Needed a hug you were my holder, this is nothing to look over

You mean a lot to me. My best friend my BFF,

I know I got you if I ain’t got nothing else left.

Nothing could break our bond it’s too strong,

That’s why I continue to hold on.

We argue but laugh it off,

We say bless you if when one of us coughs.

You could say we’re two weirdos high off of each other’s happiness.

If I didn’t meet you at that Village-Inn when I was 2,

I don’t know what I would do,

Probably make somebody else my best friend but they wouldn’t compare to you,

I’m here for you, you’re here for me

Got each other’s back like nutrition facts on groceries.

The effect you have on my life is so positive

Even Drake would be proud of it.

Laughter and tears shared through each year

And every month.

You’re my stress relief

No need for a blunt.

Oh best friend you mean a lot to me.

I love you, you love me

You”re the Dr. Dre to my Eazy E

Spongebob to my Patrick,

You’re like water,

I can’t live without it.

What more can I say,

My dose of happiness every day.

Its funny how two clueless babies met each other

And never knew we would need one another

To fall back on

Can’t without each other for too long

I hope this tribute can be like our favorite song

Always repeated and never forgotten.

Each word off my tongue

Is hopefully felt in your ear drum

Straight down to your heart

As we continue to go in this shopping cart down this aisle called life.

Our friendship ending when? Never

No need for change like the weather

We will always be together

Until the end of days

This friendship is not just a phase

It last a lifetime.

Doesn’t commit crimes

Not sour like a lime, it’s pure happiness

Like these words I spit in my rhymes.

My best friend, my BFF

I know I got you

If I ain’t got nothing else left.



This poem is about: 
My family


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