A letter to mom

Memories stacked up in my heart
Tears finding a path to flow
Burdened by those heavy ornaments
I'll crave for the lovely days begone
when you cooked mushroom
and I created a ruckus
running away from dinner table.
Then I'll have to decide the menu
Each time I enter kitchen
I'll be lost in those memories
Whilst you fed me with your hands.
Then, I'll be the bearer of everyone's taste buds.
Mom, remember how I keep my room untidy
And then there will be no one to ask me to put my shoes back in rack after coming home
You groomed me
With all love and affection
That'll reflect in my deeds towards this new found paradise
But no palace is better than my dad's kingdom of love
Where I ruled, I was the princess
I wish the day I have to leave comes no sooner
For I wish to stay
I walked the road by holding your hand
But how can you send me alone to build a new home with someone just a stranger to me
You raised me to let me go and brighten someone else's life
But who'll take care of you and Dad
When you're not left with the strength to cook your meals
Who'll be your saviour
Who'll be your morning hug
Mom, I wanna stay right where you are...

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world
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Jan Wienen

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