Letter to the heart

My dear heart,


You are broken, you are tattered, you are torn.

I am sorry for the way I scoff and scorn, 

At what you feel and intend to mean, 

for I am afraid of my darkened dreams.


I am sorry I let you so hurt, 

I am sorry I let you turn to stone. 

I understand the mistakes that I have made, 

but you see, you are no longer alone. 


I found someone to fix you up, 

put you back together. 

His heart and you will love each other, 

his love will make us both better. 


I trust this one, I promise you,

he will not break us too. 

I am sorry for the hell I put you through, 

I promise I will protect you.


So now we can let the walls fall, 

for I believe we have found a safe home, 

I know before I would let you hit the wall,

But I swear to you, he will not leave us alone. 


So dear heart, I promise you,

this sweet love will not break us too.

Finally we are pieced together, 

finally we can have forever. 


I hope you will still trust me, 

with great respect, sincerly,

your owner, Sydney

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