A letter from a broken man


 there was once a time I felt the sunlight on my skin I could feel all my worry and frustrations disappear in the warmth of the Sun then that fire filled with its flames that danced and licked from my head to my wrist leaving Angry red marks like the welps from a whip The shame I feel for my scars is infinite I no longer see the sunlight I stay in the dark of my house It gives me a sense of comfort that No one will judge me In the darkness I am no longer worried About my clothes My hair My smell Being a shudden has changed me More animalistic than before The sun is gone forever Always I see the darkness around me Opening my eyes and closing them There is no escaping the burns on my skin I sometimes wish I hadn't gone back Does that make me the bad guy Is it fair that I sacrificed myself for my wife Do I continue to put others needs before my own I guess it was the rush of being the hero That turned me into the villain
 Now I live with the horrible truth of being cast out Of the freedom of outside By fear of judgment


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