Lets Talk: Miscommunication


The other day was great.

We agreed to see each other again

And trust me, I've made an effort

But it's obvious you haven't,

So let's talk.


Talk about what?!

In my eyed there is nothing to talk about

Of course I tried but you..

Never gotten back to me.

So how about you talk.



I havent received not one call nor text from you

And when I called

Straight to voice mail.

What's up with that?

Now you talk.


So you're telling me,

You tried?



And you're telling me that..

You tried?




So this is all just

A misunderstanding?

It has to be,

Why would you ever,

Why would I ever

Be so rude, it's not like us.


Okay, I can see the fire

In your eyes

The frustration

Written all over your face

Just calm down, relax

And trade numbers again..




Okay :c


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